Trust Re Brokers de Reaseguro (TRe) started operations in May 2009. We recognize the complexity and specialization in the designing and implementation of Insurance and Reinsurance Programs for servicing Large and Complex Risks. We pay special attention to those risks related to the Energy Business, in Argentina as well as in the region. Our Partners, who operate servicing our clients designing different means of risk transfer to the global market, who understand that in the XXI Century, every kind of Energy requires a careful analysis, subscription and risk transfer. We are aware that in our region new kind of Power production options are being explored. All along our careers, our Partners have been working as Insurers, Reinsurers, Reinsurance or Insurance Brokers acquiring a vast experience in the Reinsurance global market.
We understand that for daily contact with the Energy players, it is essential to handle in depth knowledge and experience not only in the technical but also the transactional fields. This is what we bring to the negotiation table.
Specialty Areas include:
- “Upstream” and “Downstream” Property Damage Risks for “Onshore” and “Offshore” including Business Interruption.
- Construction and Engineering Risks, in land or platforms and Advanced Loss of Profits because of delay in Commissioning.
- Well Control, including Equipment in and above the hole. Loss of Production and Consequent Re-Drilling, Seepage, Pollution and Liabilities thereof.
- All Liabilities to Third Parties including specific issues concerning Contractors and Employers Liability.
- D&O
- All kind of Marine exposures including inland.  
- Terrorism and War
- Aviation
Risks included:
- Prospecting Equipment, Drilling, Production and Primary Processes.
- Refineries, Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
- Energy Generation Plants, including Hydroelectric Power Plants
- Transmission and Distribution Lines
- Pipelines and Compressor Stations
- Terminals, Storage and Shipment
- Other type of Premises, Energy related
Because of the types of exposure and values at risk involved in the Energy business, much of the Technical and Placement know-how is the same worldwide as for other major activities such as Mining, Steel Industry and Mayor Infrastructure Construction.
Although Trust Re is a relatively new name in the market, our partner’s experience together to our independent access approach to the different Reinsurance markets, allow us to provide a truly client focused service and implement coverages designed to produce unique solutions within the global risk market. Proof of this is that in the last year we placed over USD 10,000,000. - in Energy premium, with strong growth perspectives.