Our experience today points us to General, Products, Aviation and Environmental Liability
We recognize in our market the importance of some industries such as Mining and Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy. Thus, we are constantly searching for options to satisfy their actual and future needs.
Aware of commercial exchange between countries, we can assemble integral programs to protect importers and exporters throughout the entire commercial process.
We involve ourselves with placements of commercial and private aviantion exposures thanks to current ties with aviation experts in the reinsurance market.
Our constant search for new Risk Management venues finds in Agricultural Risks plenty of expansion opportunities. We look for new alternative covers for those perils not covered by programs available in our local market. Bloodstock as well as lifestock are also within these covers.
Always, and in specially in times of crisis, we recognize the proliferation of alternative investment venues, such as Art and Collectibles. We understand the need to insure those exposures. We look for broad and cost effective alternatives in order to maximize those investments.

Our retail partners´s broad experience in Financial Institutions and Armoured Car Services makes us leaders in local and regional markets for those risks. We are quiet familiar with placements of E&O and D&O policies for these risks.