Trust Re is a team of partners where every personal commitment is channeled towards a common objective.
We believe in maximizing resources to achieve cost efficiency. Initially we do not foresee working on Insurers’ annual treaties, although we aim to put together facilities and line slips to attend our clients’ needs within selected niches.
We specialize in areas where our experience is already an added value in the market. We aim to broaden our skill spectrum in other lines where new opportunities are presented so as to fulfill clients needs. We believe our experience and capabilities are better used in managing large facultative business. Notwithstanding this, as we stand for a complete attention to our clients, we would not hesitate to look after opportunieties of dimensions other than our priorities.
Working as an independent broker will help us weave new operational networks to improve services offered to clients, distinguishing us amongst others in selected niches. In following our principle of partnership for our operation, we will choose to assemble a partners’ network in every field in which we operate. We recognize not only our strengths, but also the strengths of other players, reason for which we desire to arrange strategic agreements with Law Offices (for Liabilities), Research or Think Tank Centers (for Environmental needs) and Ingeneering Teams (for Risk Management), to deliver their services to our clients as well as to the general market.

Our core values are not negotiable. Our best practices and procedures will help us achieve our objectives. We are an independent broker with a policy of complete transparency, which helps us build service networks that will be instrumental in acquiring the business we go after.